August 3, 2012 Rob 0

Recently, someone on Facebook shared this graphic: Usually, I ignore these things, but this time I decided to do a quick Google search and determine if there was any validity to the implied claim of bias. Well, it turns out that Brown and Byrum not only were not barred from the Senate; they aren’t even in the Senate. They are Michigan state representatives, and they were barred from participating in a debate in the Michigan state House of Representatives (supposedly […]


August 2, 2012 Rob 0

Well, I committed to posting something every day, so here goes. Today is a very strange day in American politics. Some people are expressing their anger by eating chicken. Others are expressing their anger by not eating chicken. I hope this isn’t the day that aliens abduct me and torture me until I explain human civilization to them. I took the summer off, and now I’m broke. The thing about being a writer, even a reasonably successful writer, is that […]

August 1, 2012 Rob 0 A while back I had the idea for a site to connect authors with reviewers. The result was I had a few issues with the site when I first launched it, but I’ve made a bunch of fixes and improvements, and today I officially re-launched the site. I encourage you to go check it out. If you’re an author (or publisher/publicist), you can offer your books for review. If you’re a reviewer, you can request books to review. […]

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