What the hell am I doing?

December 12, 2012 Rob 0

I post on Facebook and Twitter quite frequently about the various books that I’m working on at any given moment, and since I’m usually working on about five at a time and I’m constantly dropping one project and picking up another, I imagine that I must be confusing the hell out of people who are actually trying to figure out what books they can expect to be coming out in the near future. So, for those who are interested, here’s […]

A Political Education

December 10, 2012 Rob 0

I post “political” stuff on Facebook and Twitter fairly often; somewhat less so on this blog. (I put “political” in quotes because I’m not terribly interested in politics, per se. What I’m interested in is matters of freedom, justice, peace and civility, and how these are aided or impeded by the actions of governments. This is why I rarely commented on the “horse race” aspect of this past election and why I continue to talk about these issues now that […]

The Tale of the 300 Goats

December 7, 2012 Rob 0

Lately I’ve been reading Don Quixote. You know, that classic Spanish book that nobody has actually read? Surprisingly, it turns out that although the book is very long and wordy and I’m sure quite a bit is lost in translation, parts of it are absolutely delightful. Witness the following excerpt. At this point in the story, it is nighttime and Don Quixote is about to take leave of his squire Sancho Panza in order to investigate an ominous sound they […]