Turns Out I’m Not a Serious Novelist

March 30, 2013 Rob 0

Before I wrote Mercury Falls, I made several abortive attempts to write a “serious” science fiction novel. I came up with what I thought were some pretty good ideas, but once I got beyond the planning stage and started writing, I found the process excruciating. The problem with writing a serious novel is that to make it work, you have to have a pretty good idea what the finished product is going to look like. And that generally means lots […]

Are you being tested?

March 21, 2013 Rob 0

“I’m not a coward, I’ve just never been tested. I’d like to think that if I was I would pass.” –          The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, “The Impression that I Get” Even the most jingoistic of American apologists recognizes that there have been some dark episodes in our history – slavery, Japanese internment camps, and Jim Crow laws come to mind. For most of us, though, these horrors occurred to long ago for us to have done much about them. It […]

Three books about moviemaking

March 8, 2013 Rob 0

I’ve wanted to make a movie almost as long as I’ve wanted to write a novel. Lately I’ve been thinking more about how to make that happen, and I even started adapting one of my novels (Schrodinger’s Gat, which hasn’t been published yet) into a screenplay. To that end I recently picked up three books on the subject.  The first, Save the Cat, was recommended to me by my friend Wayne Franklin, who has a book of his own coming out that you […]