Dick, Dick, Lem

April 28, 2013 Rob 0

Time to catch up on my book reviews. Today: two books by Philip Dick and one by Stanislaw Lem. The Man in the High Castle is an early Dick book, and you can tell. It’s very different from most of his other works, particularly the loosely structured, paranoid, drug-inspired fantasies of his later years. Exhaustively researched and meticulously structured, this is a compelling work of alternate history. The book takes place in the western United States, after the Axis victory […]

Seagalogy: The Ass-Kicking Films of Steven Seagal

April 26, 2013 Rob 6

For those who don’t know, I have an irrational love of Steven Seagal movies. My Seagal obsession is nowhere near the level of reverence I have for Huey Lewis, but it’s definitely on the high side of the normal range. If I’m flipping through the channels and run across Hard to Kill or Above the Law, I have to drop everything and watch it. It’s hard to explain Seagal’s appeal to those who don’t intuitively grasp it. Even when Seagal […]

Movie Review: Total Recall

April 24, 2013 Rob 3

When I heard there were plans to remake the 1990 Schwarzenegger sci-fi flick Total Recall, my reaction was the same as just about everyone else’s: WHY?!?! The main thing Total Recall had going for it, like most Schwarzenegger movies, was Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s not the most subtle thespian, but there’s no denying Arnold has charisma. Schwarzenegger’s enthusiasm to commit to even the most absurd roles is admirable, and his irrepressible Austrian-tinged delivery has immortalized many an otherwise forgettable line (some […]

The God Patent

April 23, 2013 Rob 0

My friend Ransom Stephens’ wonderful novel The God Patent is being (re-)released today. Originally self-published, Stephens’ riveting story of the interplay quantum physics and fundamentalist theology is now available from 47North (Amazon’s sci-fi imprint) in a longer, re-edited form, with a fancy new cover. I first ran across The God Patent when I was doing research on quantum physics for Mercury Rests. Quantum physics and theology are two of my areas of interest, and there aren’t a lot of novels […]

Movie Review: Oblivion

April 22, 2013 Rob 0

Oblivion, Tom Cruise’s latest sci-fi vehicle, is a competent if not ground-breaking dystopian thriller. Imagine a big budget version of Duncan Jones’ Moon, starring Cruise instead of Sam Rockwell. (And if you haven’t seen Moon, what are you waiting for? It’s great.) It’s the year 2077. We’re told that the Earth has been invaded by aliens who blew up the moon, wreaking havoc and causing mass destruction on Earth. It isn’t really explained why they blew up the Moon. I […]

New website!

April 22, 2013 Rob 0

I never seem to be happy with my website. Part of the problem was that until this year I was a web developer, so I always wanted to tweak things to make them a little better. I even wrote my own blogging platform at one point, because I wasn’t happy with any of the available offerings. The end result was that things still didn’t work the way I wanted, and I was wasting a lot of time mucking around in […]