James Patterson gives you twenty seconds to comply

June 7, 2014 Rob 4

The Big Five publishers unveiled a new weapon in their arsenal against online retail giant Amazon.com this past week: best-selling author and renowned cyborg James Patterson. Patterson took center stage at Book Expo America in New York on Saturday to speak to hundreds of independent booksellers. He was escorted to the stage by Michael Pietsch, the CEO of the publishing conglomerate Hatchette Book Group. Pietsch made a brief statement introducing Patterson, explaining that an efficient book distribution system “is only part of […]

Can you sell books on Facebook?

June 6, 2014 Rob 2

Pretty much everyone is on Facebook these days. And like many authors, I have no offline social life, which means I have a fairly prominent Facebook presence. I’ve had a fair amount of success in getting the word out about my books on Facebook, but I suspect I could do a lot more. With that in mind, I attended Cindy Ratzlaff’s (it sounds like “rat’s laugh” when you say it out loud, but I swear that’s really her name) seminar on […]

Obsession and Persistence

June 5, 2014 Rob 4

I’m an obsessive person. When I’m interested in something, I’m VERY interested in it. And when I lose interest, you couldn’t pay me enough to spend another hour on whatever it is. Having a brain that works this way is unconducive for many common life activities, like, for example, holding down a job. The upside of this trait (one eventually learns after banging one’s head against metaphorical walls for 39 years) is that it’s very conducive to executing short term projects. […]

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