Amazon, Hachette, and the progressive obsession with the Big Mean Corporation

July 10, 2014 Rob 2

As a conservative-leaning libertarian, I find myself at odds with most other novelists on a lot of political issues. Whether it’s minimum wage laws or Obamacare, most creative writers tend to favor progressive ideals over the rights of individuals to enter into voluntary business arrangements without government intervention. So it’s a little unsettling to find myself in agreement with someone like bestselling thriller-writer Barry Eisler in the Amazon-versus-Hachette squabble. Eisler, who is about as progressive as one can be, reacts to the latest over-the-top melodrama […]

A way for authors to get reviews and reviewers to get free books

July 9, 2014 Rob 0

One thing I found frustrating when I self-published my first novel, Mercury Falls, in 2009 was the difficulty in finding people willing to review the book. I knew I had written a good book and I was convinced that if I could get it in the hands of a few dozen influential people, Mercury Falls would be a success (at the time, I defined “success” as 1,000 copies sold; since then Mercury Falls has sold over 60,000). After the success of […]

How to think like a libertarian

July 7, 2014 Rob 0

Problems on the premises Several years ago, I built a house on a piece of vacant land. There was some work to be done before the electrical service could be wired up, so I sent a contractor over to my neighbor’s house to ask her if we could plug an extension cord into an exterior outlet on her house so we could run some power tools. The contractor later showed up with a gas-powered generator, explaining that the neighbor refused to let […]

How to add links to your books to your author website

July 2, 2014 Rob 1

This is the third in a series. In part one I showed you how to set up a basic WordPress site. In part two, I explained how to connect your blog with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. In this post, I’m going to cover a few different ways to use widgets to display your books on your WordPress site. Probably the easiest way to display your books on your site is to use one of the custom widgets offered by one […]