Tico Time: In which I debunk some stereotypes and affirm others

January 24, 2016 Rob 3

In preparation for my trip, I read a couple of books on Costa Rica, so I thought I had a pretty good idea what the culture would be like here. I was mistaken—not because the culture is so different from mine, but because in many ways it is more similar than I expected. Pura Vida! Sad to say, I have only heard the phrase “pura vida” once since I’ve been here, and it was me saying it to the taxi […]

Bienvenidos a Costa Rica!

January 22, 2016 Rob 3

By now you probably know that I’ve fled to Costa Rica for the remainder of the winter. While I like living in Grand Rapids, the winters are a bit much to take, and last year I decided there was no way I was doing another full Michigan winter. So here I am. Why Costa Rica? Well, for starters, it’s warm. Costa Rica supposedly has the best climate on Earth; I’m three days in and I can’t complain. We’ve had highs […]

Thoughts on Rey after seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens a third time

January 13, 2016 Rob 1

Spoilers ahead, obviously. Just saw SW: TFA for the third time, and I’ve been thinking about the character of Rey. There’s definitely some Rey back story we haven’t seen yet. It’s tempting to think she has some force training that’s been repressed, but I think the explanation is more subtle than that. There are a few clues to this: When Rey picks up Luke’s lightsaber, she has a vision of events, some of which have already happened, but some of which occur […]