Counterfeit Sorcerer

The Brand of the Warlock

A hooded man, his face marred by a mysterious black brand, walks the Plain of Savlos. Some say he has the power to summon demons. Others say he is the only one who can vanquish them. His name is Konrad, and he has a secret....The Brand of the Warlock is the first book in the fast-paced sword & sorcery series THE COUNTERFEIT SORCERER. The series follows Konrad as he battles ogres, demons, wraiths and necromancers who threaten the land of Orszag. There are five books in the series, with a new book being released every six weeks. Book two, The Rise of the Demon Prince, will be released on October 26. Pick up The Brand of the Warlock today and start your adventure!

The Rise of the Demon Prince

A terrifying demon has come from the shadow world to threaten the land of Orszag. Flanked by a horde of ghostly specters, the demon intends to lay waste to the city of Nagyvaros, and only one man can stop him: Konrad the sorcerer. To defeat the demon, Konrad must learn to master the power of the warlock''s brand. But with enemies all around him and no time to lose, Konrad finds himself playing one foe against another in a desperate attempt to stay alive, hoping one day to wreak his vengeance on the man who destroyed his life....THE RISE OF THE DEMON PRINCE is the second book in the five-book series THE COUNTERFEIT SORCERER.

The Book of the Dead

As rival powers fight for control over the land of Orszag, one man holds the power to tip the balance: Konrad the Sorcerer. To save Orszag from destruction and turn the tables on those who have used him as a pawn, Konrad must go deep under the city of Nagyvaros to find an ancient book that holds dangerous secrets. But Konrad learns that the most dangerous secret may be his own....

The Throne of Darkness

Imprisoned by the powerful Cult of Turelem, Konrad the Sorcerer is given a chance at redemption when an apparition of a long-dead prophetess haunts the land. Konrad's investigation of the ghost leads him to the foreboding mountain fortress of Magas Komaron, where a mysterious ally instructs him in the secrets of sorcery. But can Konrad stop the mad sorcerer Bolond before it is too late?

The End of All Things

One by one, the powers that threaten the land of Orszag have fallen. Only the demon Arnyek remains. Immortal, uncaring and unstoppable, Arnyek waits far below the ruined city of Nagyvaros for the day he is free to destroy the world. Desperate to stop him, Konrad the Sorcerer plunges into forbidden magic and turns against those closest to him. But Konrad must learn a difficult lesson: no matter what path he takes, he cannot stop the End of All Things.