A sale… and a sequel?

Starship Grifters cover
Starship Grifters cover
Starship Grifters, only $1.99 on Kindle right now

Recently I wrote about some of the struggles I’ve been through over the past few years, and how those struggles culminated in the writing of my latest novel, The Big Sheep. Pivotal to that course of events was another book I wrote called Starship Grifters. Starship Grifters still holds a special place in my heart. I think it’s my funniest book, and was definitely the most fun to write. Readers seem to like it too; currently it has 134 reviews on Amazon, with a 4.3 star average. Hugh Howey, bestselling author of Wool, called Starship Grifters his “favorite read of 2014.”


I get asked all the time when I’m going to write a sequel to Starship Grifters. The fact is, I’ve long hoped to continue the adventures of martini-drinking interstellar con-man Rex Nihilo and his robot sidekick Sasha, but the sales of Starship Grifters haven’t quite been strong enough to convince my publisher to take a risk on another one. I’m convinced, though, that the audience is there for a sequel. That’s where you come in.

If you’d like to read more of the adventures of Rex and Sasha (and learn more about the secrets of the Sp’ossels, Schufnaasik Six and the Chaotic Equilibrium), please enter your email address in the form below. The more interest I can demonstrate in the Rex Nihilo series, the more likely my publisher is to publish more of them. And even if I can’t convince them to publish a sequel, if there’s enough interest I can do a Kickstarter like I did with Mercury Shrugs and the Dis books. If I can get 1,000 people to sign up for the Starship Grifters sequel interest list, I will write a sequel and get it published one way or another. If I can’t interest my publisher, I will independently publish the book.

I would absolutely love to do another Rex Nihilo book. I had always planned to; that’s why Starship Grifters ends on a sort of… odd note. It was meant to be a sort of WTF cliffhanger, not the end of the story. So far, though, I’ve had to prioritize other projects ahead of Rex and Sasha, because of important things like the need to pay for food and clothing for my children. So if you would like to read another book set in the Starship Grifters universe, please put your email address in the box below. (Yes, even if you’re already on my regular email list!)

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(4) Give a copy of Starship Grifters to a friend. Starship Grifters is only $1.99 right now on Kindle. It’s super-easy to give a copy to someone. Just go here, click the “Give as a gift” button on the right-hand side of the page. Put in your friend’s email address and click “Place your order.” That’s all there is to it. Make sure you tell your friend about the possibility of a sequel and direct them to this post as well!


And if you’re one of the poor souls who has not experience the planet-hopping insanity of Rex Nihilo, pick up your copy of Starship Grifters now while it’s only $1.99! Then, when you’re done reading it, come back here and help me spread the word! 


The publisher’s description of Starship Grifters:

A space-faring ne’er-do-well with more bravado than brains, Rex Nihilo plies the known universe in a tireless quest for his own personal gain. But when he fleeces a wealthy weapons dealer in a high-stakes poker game, he ends up winning a worthless planet…and owing an outstanding debt more vast than space itself!

The only way for Rex to escape a lifetime of torture on the prison world Gulagatraz is to score a big payday by pulling off his biggest scam. But getting mixed up in the struggle between the tyrannical Malarchian Empire and the plucky rebels of the Revolting Front—and trying to double-cross them both—may be his biggest mistake. Luckily for Rex, his frustrated but faithful robot sidekick has the cyber-smarts to deal with buxom bounty hunters, pudgy princesses, overbearing overlords, and interstellar evangelists…while still keeping Rex’s martini glass filled.

“My favorite read this year. A hilarious space adventure. Hard book to put down.” —Hugh Howey, author of Wool


Get your copy of Starship Grifters now… and pick up a copy for a friend while you’re there!

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