An update on The Yanthus Prime Job and other stuff in the works

A quick update about what I’m working on:

My Pepper Melange novella, The Yanthus Prime Job, is now available on Kindle. At 59 pages, it’s a steal at $.99. Find out how buxom bounty hunter Pepper Melange, first introduced in Starship Grifters, got her start!


Pepper Melange, a bartender on the backwater planet Yanthus Prime, has sworn she’d never go back to her life of crime. But when she finds herself in debt to the Ursa Minor Mafia, she decides to bet everything on one more score: the theft of the Emerald of Sobalt Prime, the most valuable gem in the galaxy. To pull off the heist, Pepper has to recruit some very unusual allies–as well as outwit local law enforcement and the Mob. It’s a delicate and dangerous balancing act, and when Pepper learns the truth about the Emerald, she realizes she’s only a pawn in a game far beyond her understanding….

Get The Yanthus Prime Job now for only $.99!




In other news:

Aye, Robot, the full length sequel to Starship Grifters, will be sent out to Kickstarter supporters in mid-January. It should be available in paperback and Kindle by the end of January.

I plan to have an updated version of Self-Publish Your Novel available by early January

Finally, I am working on audio versions of Mercury Shrugs, Schrodinger’s Gat and City of SandMercury Shrugs is currently in production and should be available in February. Schrodinger’s Gat and City of Sand should be available in March.

The Last Iota (sequel to The Big Sheep) will be out in May. It’s available for pre-order now.

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  1. Bought and read ‘The Yanthus prime job.’ Again , with Starship grifters, The big sheep etc I find each an adventure playground. Keep producing. How was the Costa Rica visit ? I’ve never been there but Cuba in 1961 & 62, the gulf ports 1960-6. Regards, M.S.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, just bought it on Amazon.
    I’m glad this book came to be, I felt her character was very interesting and has the ingredients for a good story.

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