Announcing the Wrongthink Sci-Fi Giveaway

Over the past few years you’ve probably heard about authors who have been punished by the progressive sci-fi “community” for not toeing the line on various political issues. From Sarah Hoyt, who was accused of racism and “internalized misogyny” for her association with the Sad Puppies campaign to reform the Hugo Awards, to Nick Cole, who lost a publishing contract for daring to write a story about an artificially intelligent computer who is troubled by abortion, these authors have faced smear campaigns, boycotts and blacklisting for the sin of having unpopular opinions.

Far from being discouraged by the social justice crybullies, however, these authors have thrived by continuing to focus on writing great stories that connect with readers. And now several of them are teaming up to help spread the word about each other’s books.


The real winner in all this is you, the avid sci-fi reader. We’re holding a huge giveaway and giving away seven kickass sci-fi titles just for entering. In addition, three winners will each receive seven MORE books.

Just for entering, you’ll get:

Three lucky winners will also receive:


If you’re tired of social justice warriors taking all the fun out of sci-fi–or if you just want to read some great stories–you owe it to yourself to enter the Wrongthink Sci-Fi Giveaway!

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7 Comments on Announcing the Wrongthink Sci-Fi Giveaway

  1. Heh…and I’ve had my first SJW over on G+ trying to paint Nick as not being one of this crowd based on a “quick” bit of research. Never mind that he got basically blackballed for one of his stories.


  2. Oh, it gets better.

    Said SJW took umbrage at my being “offended” at him and didn’t provide him any proof of Nick’s circumstances. He summarily got a nut shot showing that he didn’t really do any “quick” research whatsoever- and he got PRECISELY what he had coming to him and that he’d be best served by moving along…

    You just can’t make this stuff up…

  3. So you have a couple of your novels in this giveaway and yet you’re published in hardcover by one of the Macmillan imprints. In what sense are you marginalized by the gatekeepers?

    Same goes for Sarah Hoyt who still manages to get a novel a year published through regular traditional publishing channels. People may have said mean things about her but it doesn’t seem to have affected the availability of her work.

    • What’s up with this demanding to see evidence of victimization? I’m supposed to just be able to claim I’m a victim and money comes pouring in.

      • It’s a bit hard to swallow the claim when your previous post is showing off your starred PW review for your Macmillan-published hardcover. Those gatekeepers are doing a lousy job if that’s what passes for marginalization these days.

  4. I clicked the link for the free books and it sent an email to confirm. When I clicked the email link it took me to a page, said I was confirmed, but nowhere to click to download books. Am I missing something?

    • Hi Terry, there’s a bit of a delay between signing up and getting the email with the links to the books. If you don’t get it by the end of today, let me know.

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