As promised, I’m leaving the country

atenasA lot of celebrities have already broken their promises to leave the country if Donald Trump is elected President. I want to reassure you, however, that I still fully intend to keep my promise. I will be leaving for Costa Rica on January 12, 2017–a week before Trump’s inauguration.

Granted, I was going to do this if Hillary won too, and I will most likely be returning to the U.S. in March, but the important thing is that I’m keeping my promise. And that I don’t have to spend the winter in Michigan.

If you too would like to escape the Trump regime and/or winter weather, you can! In January, I will be part of a writer’s retreat in La Garita, Costa Rica. La Garita is about 20 minutes from the San Jose airport, and is centrally located so you can easily take day trips to either coast, the jungle, and lots of other beautiful destinations. I’ll be talking about self-publishing, but there are also workshops on writing humor and acting exercises for writers. More details here. If you’re a writer or aspiring writer and want a tax-deductible vacation (or you just want to come hang out with me because I am awesome), you can’t beat this.

Check out Norma’s Villas and the writer’s workshop page. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me at rob (at) robertkroese (dot) com. But if you’re interested, don’t delay! Reservations close this Tuesday, November 15.




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  1. Robert, Your reasons for bailing out of U.S.A. at this time are commendable. Even for temporary crisis relief. I have a similar bolt hole in Lautoka, Fiji. Not expensive. Maybe you could get ideas to kick off on the sequel to ‘Starship Grifters’ It’s awaited. Best regards and bon trip. (May the productivity be with you)

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