$12 hardcover sale on The Big Sheep

March 13, 2018 Rob 0

I’ve got some extra copies of The Big Sheep, so I decided to do a special sale. Right now you can get a signed hardcover copy of The Big Sheep for only $12 plus shipping! Click the button at the bottom of this post to order. This offer only lasts until midnight on Thursday, March 22 (or while supplies last!), so get your order in now. This is the best price ever on this book. The Big Sheep is a near […]

Iron Dragon signed paperback giveaway!

January 18, 2018 Rob 0

Enter now to win one of three signed paperback copies of The Dream of the Iron Dragon! Trapped 1300 years in the past, they have one mission: survive. In the 23rd century, humanity has been hunted to the verge of extinction by an alien race. When an exploratory ship accidentally travels back in time to Viking age Scandinavia, the human race is given a second chance. Pursued by the power-hungry King Harald, the four surviving crew members join a ragtag band […]

The Dream of the Iron Dragon is here!

January 17, 2018 Rob 0

My latest novel, the alternate history sci-fi Viking saga The Dream of the Iron Dragon, is here at last! Trapped in 9th century Scandinavia, a group of travelers from the year 2207 have one hope to save humanity: teach the Vikings how to build a ship capable of reaching the stars. “Terrific storytelling, letter-perfect alternate-history, and the highest stakes for humanity imaginable combine to make this a thrilling start to an exciting new Viking saga. Kroese avoids both romanticizing and demonizing […]

Pre-Order Book 2 of The Iron Dragon Trilogy

January 10, 2018 Rob 0

I’ve already gotten requests from people wanting to pre-order book two of the Iron Dragon trilogy, so I figured I’d go ahead and set up an order page. If you want a signed, advance copy of The Dawn of the Iron Dragon (Iron Dragon Book 2), please click one of the Buy Now buttons below. Estimated length is 330 pages. Estimated delivery date is May 24, 2018. The Dawn of the Iron Dragon follows the crew of the starship Andrea Luhman as […]

What lurks beneath Vatnajökull glacier?

December 29, 2017 Rob 2

United States Air Force Colonel Emily Rollins ducked out of the chartered helicopter and walked briskly to the police car parked across both lanes of Route One. The air was cool, and the sun hung low in a clear blue sky. She handed her credentials to the red-cheeked, blond officer standing in front of the car. The man made a show of inspecting her ID and then handed it back to her. “Over there,” the man said, in crisp English. […]

How to Fix The Last Jedi

December 24, 2017 Rob 1

Okay, sit down, everybody. I’ve figured out how you could make a really good movie out of The Last Jedi. (Spoilers ahead.)   There are several problems with the narrative of TLJ: The entire Poe/Finn/Rose arc is pointless and, in fact, counterproductive, as it’s how TFO finds out about the real escape plan. Despite doing more damage to the Resistance than Kylo Ren, Snoke and Hux combined, Poe is never held accountable for his insubordination or general stupidity. As a […]

Iron Dragon Preview!

December 21, 2017 Rob 0

Trapped in 9th century Iceland, they have one chance to save humanity: teach the Vikings to build a ship capable of reaching the stars. For your reading pleasure, here is a preview chapter from my upcoming book, The Dream of the Iron Dragon. If you enjoy this sample, make sure you use the links at the bottom of the post to pre-order your copy! Gunnar Bjornson stood still at the head of the group, peering into the woods to his […]

Order your copy of The Dream of the Iron Dragon now!

December 6, 2017 Rob 0

It’s almost here… and you can pre-order your copy now! Trapped in 9th century Iceland, they have one chance to save humanity: teach the Vikings to build a ship capable of reaching the stars. It is the year 2207. After a decades-long war with an alien race known as the Cho-ta’an, Earth has been rendered uninhabitable and the human race has been driven to the brink of extinction. Humanity survives in a handful of colonies scattered across the galaxy, connected […]

Seven hilarious sci-fi titles for $.99 each!

September 11, 2017 Rob 0

Not long ago, in a galaxy remarkably similar to our own, a bunch of sci-fi authors got together to build The Ultimate Weapon. However, lacking the Resources, Technological Know-How and Motivation for this project, they decided instead just to put a bunch of their books on sale for $.99 and call it a day. That’s right, for a very limited time, you can get seven hilarious space adventure titles for the ridiculously low price of $.99 each on Kindle! The […]

Get a signed paperback copy of Out of the Soylent Planet!

August 31, 2017 Rob 0

The paperback edition of Out of the Soylent Planet will soon be here! If you’d like a signed hard copy of Out of the Soylent Planet before you can even buy it on Amazon, you can order one directly from me through PayPal right now! Out of the Soylent Planet has been getting rave reviews so far on Amazon (40 reviews with a 4.5 star average), and a few people have told me that it’s the best Rex book so […]

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