Be Pepper Melange in “Deep Space Huntress”!

Deep Space HuntressA recent review of Starship Grifters complained that the book needed more Pepper. I agree.

For those who haven’t read Starship Grifters, Pepper Melange is the feisty female bounty hunter who pursues Rex Nihilo and Sasha. I like the character so much I’m working on a novella featuring Pepper right now called “The Ursa Minor Gambit,” which I hope to release in a few weeks.

But you don’t have to wait that long for another Pepper adventure. In fact, you can be Pepper Melange right now. I’ve teamed up with Sam Landstrom of Delight Games to produce “Deep Space Huntress,” a choose-your-own-adventure style gamebook, which is available now on several different platforms. You play as Pepper, chasing a dangerous fugitive Quinn Q’Reel across the galaxy while manipulating mobsters, dodging Malarchian marines and barely tolerating a certain interstellar con artist.

Best of all, “Deep Space Huntress” is FREE! I wrote “Deep Space Huntress” mainly as a way of getting more readers interested in the Rex Nihilo universe, and more downloads = more visibility, so I’d appreciate it if you’d take a second to download it now on the platform of your choice:

Deep Space Huntress on Google Play

Deep Space Huntress on Amazon (Kindle Fire)

Deep Space Huntress for Windows Phone

If you enjoy DSH, please leave a review! Also, look for my superhero-themed gamebook, also produced by Delight Games, called “Superhero’s Choice”!