Get the whole Dis trilogy for $5.97!

April 23, 2016 Rob 0

All three books in the Dis trilogy—Distopia, Disenchanted and Disillusioned–are currently on sale for $1.99 each! Do you have any idea what this means? It means that if you were to buy all three of them, it would cost you a grand total of $5.97, which is LESS THAN SIX DOLLARS. Think about how much money it cost to make Steve Austin the Bionic Man. Then divide that amount by a million. Then subtract three cents. That’s how little money […]

Come see me in physical locations!

April 21, 2016 Rob 2

It’s a little known fact that many authors exist physically in addition to being holographic projections of the Collective Worldmind. I am one of these physically existing authors, and my material form will soon be present in a variety of locations throughout the eastern portion of the United States. From April 29 to May 1 I will be at Penguicon in Southfield, Michigan, just outside of Detroit. That’s right here [points to thumb meat]. Billed as “a non-profit, community-run convention […]

Pre-order your copy of The Big Sheep now!

April 5, 2016 Rob 0

My novel The Big Sheep is now available for pre-order on on Kindle and in hardcover! If you would like a signed hardcover copy of The Big Sheep, check back here on May 1 for details on how to do that. To make sure you don’t miss any news about my books, make sure you sign up for my email list! Los Angeles of 2039 is a baffling and bifurcated place. After the Collapse of 2028, a vast section […]

Get Mercury Begins FREE!

April 5, 2016 Rob 0

Have you signed up for email updates about my books yet? Do it now and I’ll give you a copy of my highly entertaining short story “Mercury Begins,” absolutely free! Travel to ancient Troy with the irrepressible angel Mercury as he masterminds the most unnecessarily complicated sneak attack in history! Never read any of the Mercury books? Start here! Already read one or more of the books? Also OK! There’s no wrong way to read this story, unless you’re using […]

FREE Distopia and an update on my other books in progress

March 8, 2016 Rob 0

First, a quick note to let you know that for a few more hours, you can get my humorous fantasy novel Distopia absolutely free on Kindle. Distopia is chronologically the first of the Dis books, and you can enjoy it whether or not you’ve read the other two. But seriously, it goes back to $3.99 sometime tonight, so go get it! Second, I wanted to give everybody an update on my current works in progress. Sometimes I get so busy […]

Advance copies of Mercury Shrugs and more!

November 9, 2015 Rob 0

Ah, poor neglected blog. I’ve forgotten entirely to update you regarding my latest Kickstarter! For those who haven’t yet heard: yes, I’m writing a fifth Mercury book, titled Mercury Shrugs. The book is still taking shape, but you can expect time travel, parallel universes, explosions, grilled cheese sandwiches, and the return of some characters we haven’t seen since Mercury Rests. You can get an advance copy and lots of other awesome stuff by supporting the Kickstarter. Get an advance copy […]

Dis audio books and more

July 16, 2015 Rob 0

I figured it’s probably time for an update on the projects I’m currently working on. The second book in the Dis trilogy, Distopia, is now available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback. I’m currently 20,000 words (about a quarter of the way) into book three, Disillusioned. (And yes, I swapped the titles of the two books, in case you’re wondering why Distopia came out before Disillusioned). I hope to have Disillusioned to Kickstarter supporters by the end of August. It […]

Wrapping up City of Sand

January 21, 2015 Rob 0

I just finished the manuscript for City of Sand, my mind-bending sci-fi/mystery novel. I’m hoping to get it edited and proofread over the next couple of weeks and get it out to the Kickstarter supporters by Feb. 10. It should be available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats by the end of February. Thank you to everybody who supported City of Sand! And for those who didn’t support it, well, you have to wait two weeks longer, so suck […]

Today only: Starship Grifters for $1.99!

November 5, 2014 Rob 0

When it rains, it pours. I had just posted about three free short stories that I’m offering as a thank you for signing up for my email list when I found out that Disenchanted is on sale for $2 for the month of November. Now, on top of that, Starship Grifters is the Kindle Sci-Fi & Fantasy Deal of the Day on Amazon! If you only have $2 to spend, I suggest you buy Starship Grifters now, because it will go back […]

Free fiction for November!

November 3, 2014 Rob 0

I’ve decided to try out a little experiment. I’m going to be giving away a story or short book once per month, for the next several months. For November, I’m giving away my short story collection, Into the Dark (And Two Other Stories). Besides the title story, this collection contains two other short stories, “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Still Life.” Just put your email address in the box to the right, and I’ll send you a link to the story. […]

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