Well, I committed to posting something every day, so here goes.

Today is a very strange day in American politics. Some people are expressing their anger by eating chicken. Others are expressing their anger by not eating chicken. I hope this isn’t the day that aliens abduct me and torture me until I explain human civilization to them.

I took the summer off, and now I’m broke. The thing about being a writer, even a reasonably successful writer, is that the money comes in a big spurt a few months after a book comes out and then it trickles to almost nothing. Anyway, now I’m looking for another software development job to tide me over until the next big check, when I can go crazy again.

Have you checked out yet? If you’re an author, offer your book to be reviewed. If you’re a reviewer, get free books! Neat!

Also, speaking of politics, make sure you read R.J. Keller’s excellent post on New Wave Authors, “Should Writers Have Muzzles?”