Come like my new author page on Facebook!

Today I decided to finally create a separate Robert Kroese Author Page on Facebook. I had already set up a Mercury Falls page, but I decided I needed a more generic page focused on all my books — especially now that the Mercury trilogy is coming to a close. I’ve resisted creating a separate author page until now because I don’t like the idea of maintaining two online identities, one for my friends and one for my fans. But it occurred to me that’s kind of a silly notion. The fact is that some of you are interested in my books and have no desire to be my “friend,” and I can’t say I blame you. Sometimes I don’t want to be my friend either, but I’m stuck with me.

Anyway, now you can just “like” my author page without having to deal with the anxiety that comes with wondering whether I will accept your friend request (I will), and you don’t have to worry about being subjected to my crazy political ideas and pictures of my cat, not to mention her crazy political ideas.

I plan to do some cool stuff on the Robert Kroese Author Page in the near future (think book giveaways), so head over to Facebook and like my page!