Come see me in London on June 9!

I get asked a lot how the hell I managed to make a shitty novel like Mercury Falls into a Kindle bestseller. (OK, that’s not the exact question people ask, but that’s what I hear.) After trying to answer that question a few dozen times, I finally decided to write up everything I know about self-publishing and marketing and release it as an E-Book. The result was Self-Publish Your Novel: Lessons from an Indie Publishing Success Story. I never planned to make any money on Self-Publish Your Novel, and man, has that plan come to fruition. My payment has come in the form of having a ready answer to aspiring authors seeking publishing advice: “Have you read my book on self-publishing?”

Then I got a very nice email from Rebecca Swift, the director of an organization in London called The Literary Consultancy, asking if I’d be willing to come out to the UK to speak about my self-publishing experience. Would I be willing! Look, I know I should pretend to be blas√© about such things, as if I’m invited to speak to six conferences a month, but I’m sorry, I’m SUPER-EXCITED. I’ve never even been to the UK before. I’m thrilled to have this opportunity and very thankful to Rebecca and TLC for taking a chance on me.

Modesty aside, I did learn a lot with Mercury Falls about what it takes to make a self-published book successful, and I think I’ve got some good pointers to share with aspiring (or traditionally published) authors. As Ms. Swift admits, the UK has been a little behind the U.S. in the self-publishing movement, and I’m happy to be part of helping them bridge that gap. The UK has a wealth of phenomenal writers, and the self-publishing revolution will not be limited by geography!

If you’re in the area, here’s the schedule of the conference. I’ll be speaking on June 9th. Hope to see you there!