Dis audio books and more

I figured it’s probably time for an update on the projects I’m currently working on.

The second book in the Dis trilogy, Distopia, is now available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback. I’m currently 20,000 words (about a quarter of the way) into book three, Disillusioned. (And yes, I swapped the titles of the two books, in case you’re wondering why Distopia came out before Disillusioned). I hope to have Disillusioned to Kickstarter supporters by the end of August. It will be available on Amazon two weeks after that. If you don’t want to miss out on cool stuff like advance copies of my books and posters (see pic), make sure you follow me on Kickstarter.

Land of Dis posters!
Land of Dis posters!

I also have some good news for audiobook fans: I’ve signed a deal with Audible.com to produce audio versions of both Distopia and Disillusioned. I’m trying to get Phil Gigante, who did a fantastic job on Disenchanted, to narrate the second two Dis books as well. Additionally, my friend Joel Bezaire of Nashville Bass Works will be producing the audio version of Mercury Revolts. I expect the audio version of Mercury Revolts to be available by September; the Dis books should be available by the end of 2015. I hope to have audio versions of Schrodingers’s Gat, The Force is Middling in This One and City of Sand sometime in 2016.

Next up after finishing Disillusioned is to make revisions to my near-future noir mystery, The Big Sheep. Once that book is finalized, I’ll start on the sequel. Since The Big Sheep and The Big Sheep 2 (or whatever I end up calling it) are being published by St. Martin’s Press, I don’t have control over the release date, but I would expect the two books to be out around August 2016 and January 2017, respectively.

But don’t worry; you don’t have to wait a year for new books from me. I will most likely be writing at least one, and probably two, new Mercury books this fall. Since these will be self-published through Westmarch Publishing, I can get them out pretty quickly. I will probably do a Kickstarter for these.

To sum up, here’s the tentative schedule:

August 2015        Disillusioned to Kickstarter supporters

September 2015  Disillusioned available on Amazon, Mercury Revolts audiobook

Fall 2015             Distopia audiobook

Winter 2015        Disillusioned audiobook, Mercury #5 (Kindle and paperback)

Spring 2016        Schrodingers’s Gat, The Force is Middling in This One and City of Sand audiobooks, Mercury #6 (Kindle and paperback)

August 2016       The Big Sheep (St. Martin’s)

January 2017      The Big Sheep 2 (St. Martin’s)



I’ll keep you updated as things progress.
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