Lately I’ve been doing so much work on New Wave Authors and BookBloggers.net that I’ve neglected my own site. Today I finally had a chance to give it a little facelift. The angel graphic at the top is a detail from the Mercury Rests cover, designed by the lovely and talented Dave from Blogography. I think it looks pretty nice up there. I also added that fancy book widget over to the right and a bunch of social networking stuff that all the kids are crazy about these days. In a few months I’ll probably think this site is ridiculously ugly and wonder how I ever thought it looked good, but for now I’m pretty happy with it.

Dave will also be designing the cover for “Mercury Begins,” my short story prelude to the Mercury trilogy (if I don’t drive him insane with my nitpicking). “Mercury Begins” tells the story of Mercury’s first assignment with the Apocalypse Bureau, during the Trojan War. It’s in the hands of the beta readers right now, and I’m hoping to have it up on Amazon as a free Kindle download in the next couple of weeks.