Get Disenchanted for only $1.99!

I swear I didn’t time this with the U.S. election, but I have to admit the timing is pretty suspicious. In any case, my new Kindle serial adventure Disenchanted starts today!


Disenchanted is the story of Boric the Implacable, who is cursed to wander the Land of Dis until he can figure out how to rid himself of the enchanted sword Brakslaagt. On his way to meet the mysterious Lord Brand, Boric is stabbed, scorched, riddled with arrows and nearly blown to bits. The only thing going for him is that he can’t be killed — because he’s already dead.

The way it works is you buy the first episode at $1.99, then each subsequent episode automagically shows up on your Kindle (or Kindle app) for free. There will be six episodes total, one released every two weeks.

Want to trace Boric’s progress, learn more about Dis, or even help flesh out the world? Head over to the Land of Dis Wiki.¬†

Land of Dis