Less than 48 hours left! Get your pledge in now for the SGU!

We’ve met our stretch goal of $6,000, but there’s still time to get in on The Starship Grifters Universe Kickstarter if you haven’t pledged yet. In case you don’t know, Starship Grifters is a comedic space opera novel I published two years ago. It’s gotten rave reviews and has become something of a cult favorite. I’m going to expand the Starship Grifters universe with a full-length sequel, a novella, and a revised version of my short story, “The Chicolini Incident.”


My stated goal with this expansion was $5,000, but I had hoped to reach $7,000. Right now, we’re in spitting distance of that goal. Any amount helps, so if you have no idea what any of this is about, just go for the basic Starship Grifters package to get the first book (you can always buy the others later once they’re available on Amazon). Or go all in and get all the books plus a whole bunch of other cool rewards.

Not convinced? Check out these reviews of Starship Grifters. This is an unedited screen shot of the most recent reviews on Amazon:

grifters reviews

Starship Grifters currently has 152 Amazon reviews with a 4.3 star average. That means it’s awesome. So what are you waiting for? Pledge to the Starship Grifters Universe Kickstarter. Get awesome books, drink koozies, posters and other cool awards. And be sure to tell your friends!


Thank you for your support!

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