“Like a sci-fi Kiss Kiss Bang Bang…”

Pictured: The Big Sheep and the author’s thumb

My new novel The Big Sheep doesn’t come out until June 28, but reviews are starting to trickle in. I’m thrilled to say that the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Feast your eyes on these excerpts for a minute and then I’ll tell you how you can get a signed copy of The Big Sheep–and have a chance to win a Kindle Fire along with ten awesome scifi books.

“Those who miss the quirky, funny “Dirk Gently” sf/mysteries of Douglas Adams will want to pick up Robert Kroese’s The Big Sheep.”

– Library Journal

The Big Sheep by Robert Kroese read like Sherlock Holmes and Philip K. Dick got hitched and Ernest Cline gave the best man’s speech. Taking the traditional detective narrative of Sherlock Holmes and coupling it with the grittiness of Dick’s science fiction noir, Kroese manages to inject it with the light humor found in books like Ready Player Oneor The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. A book with so many strong influences could easily have been overwhelmed by them, but Kroese was able to take these elements, harness them in a unique way, and make a undeniably entertaining book.

Maggie at AGreyBox

“The central mystery kept me guessing, and the climax was original and had a refreshing dash of horror… The Big Sheep gets an easy recommendation from me. I look forward to more stories surrounding Keane and Fowler.”

The Gumshoe Blog

“5 Stars. The Big Sheep is an innovative and entertaining blend of science fiction and detective story. Smart readers of genre fiction will love the buddy pair of Erasmus Keane and Blake Fowler. With just enough snark and plenty of sheep jokes, Robert Kroese’s book will be a favorite for fans of Philip Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Terry Pratchett’s Guards! Guards!, and Scalzi’s Old Man’s War.”


“Lets just start with a little love for how genius the title ‘The Big Sheep’ is for a Phillip K. Dick meets Raymond Chandler hybrid novel… a loving cross between Blade Runner, LA noir and a lot of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang sarcasm.”

David Agranoff

“A clever construct with great set-up… I am definitely looking forward to the next installment.”

Jill Elizabeth

“Being a long-time reader of both genres, I thought I had things pretty well figured out by page 30, revise – page 80, revise – page 120, revise – oh hell… it did SEEM to lead me to the right, even cool conclusion! But no, I was reliably and enthusiastically proven wrong…. If you are looking for something with a lot of panache and crazy cool happenings in a great one-to-one genre mashup of Mystery/SF that leaves you feeling refreshed and elated, then by all means, GO GET THIS BOOK.”

Brad Horner

You get the idea. It’s a great book. You want it. So here’s what you can do:

  • If you want a signed hardcover copy, order it NOW. If you don’t order by June 23, I can’t guarantee you’ll get a signed copy. Schuler Books has a limited supply of books on hand for me to sign, and when those are gone, they’re gone. Bonus: I will draw a sheep or other farm animal of your choice in the book.
  • If you want an unsigned copy, you can order one from Amazon. Order now to make sure your book ships on the release date.
  • You can also pre-order a Kindle copy. The book will automagically appear on your Kindle on June 28.

The full list of ways to pre-order The Big Sheep (including other ebook formats) is here.

Feeling lucky? I’m also running another Kindle Fire giveaway! Enter for a chance to win a Kindle Fire and ten awesome scifi books, including The Big Sheep!


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