Mercury Begins (almost)

“Mercury Begins” is done and I just got the final version of the cover from the artist last night. Hopefully I will have it available as a free Kindle download in the next couple of days. “Mercury Begins” is my attempt to introduce new readers to the character and his world. You’ll learn, among other fun facts, the real story of the Trojan Horse and how rubbers were invented. It’s not what you think.

For those who are confused, the order of the series goes like this:

  • “Mercury Begins”
  • Mercury Falls
  • “Mercury Swings”
  • Mercury Rises
  • Mercury Rests

The ones in quotes are short stories. The ones in italics are novels. The order of the short stories doesn’t really matter; they pretty much stand alone. The order of the novels is important, though. If you read Mercury Rises before Mercury Falls, you are going to be confused. I mean, even more confused.

Got it? Good.