Mercury Rests is here!

The epic conclusion to the series that Booklist calls a “hilarious romp” that has “cult favorite written all over it” is here! Get your Kindle or paperback copy of Mercury Rests today! 

Mercury Rests

“Earth is once again in peril in the final volume of Kroese’s Mercury trilogy. Lovable rogue angel Mercury saved the day in Mercury Rises (2011) at the expense of the moon, and now he finds himself thrust far into the future, stuck watching countless matches of ping-pong between eternal optimist Job and ruthless Cain. Back in the present day, Lucifer has decided to use the chaos on Earth following the destruction of a third of the moon to mount an attack on Heaven itself, while the devious Tiamat makes a bid to control a powerful weapon. Mercury must make his way back to his human friends, reporter Christine and FBI analyst Jacob, to thwart both attacks. After the dire peril of the previous books, the nefarious master plans and save-the-world scenarios feel pretty familiar, but as ever, Kroese’s humor and sense of fun are really the driving forces of the series. Fans of the previous two novels will clamor for the droll and witty Mercury’s last adventure.”