Missing some Mercury?

Are you missing a Mercury book or five? For today only, all five books in the Mercury series are on sale for $1.99 each on Kindle. Buy them individually or get the whole series for $9.95. Follow the irrepressible angel Mercury as he saves the world from a rogue’s gallery of demons and supervillains–and keeps himself entertained along the way.

From the Booklist review of Mercury Falls

The Apocalypse is nigh in this whimsical, riotous debut. Christine Temetri, a freelancer for a popular religious news magazine, is tired of endless assignments covering cults incorrectly prophesizing the End of Days. When she talks her boss into giving her a better assignment, she doesn’t anticipate it will actually lead her back to a cult leader: the charismatic Galileo Mercury, who turns out not to be a cult leader at all, but a bona fide angel. Mercury is more interested in playing ping pong and drinking beer than he is in being involved in the upcoming Apocalypse. But when he and Christine escape a bit of divine retribution and end up saving the life of the Antichrist, a sulky gamer named Karl Grissom, they find themselves drawn into a miasma of heavenly intrigue and double-crossing. Lucifer himself is determined to find a loophole in the Apocalypse Accords, and Mercury and Christine are the only ones who can stop him. Clever, inventive, and original, Kroese’s hilarious romp has cult favorite written all over it.

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I bet you don’t even have this book. What the hell is wrong with you?

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