My most ambitious project ever: Saga of the Iron Dragon!


What if you found yourself in medieval Scandinavia with nothing but a knowledge of modern science, mathematics and technology? Further, what if the future of humanity rested on you building a craft capable of reaching outer space? Would it be possible? How would you go about doing it? How long would it take?

This is the premise of my ambitious new alternative history trilogy, Saga of the Iron Dragon.

Clearly you wouldn’t be able to build a spaceship on your own. You’d need to mine vast quantities of coal, iron, aluminum, copper, and other minerals, build factories… and refine nearly a million gallons of rocket fuel. Basically you’d somehow have to convert a medieval Viking society into a modern industrialized city. Even assuming you could convince the locals of the wisdom of your plan (and not be mistaken for a practitioner of dark magic!), it would take decades to get the populace educated and to get the necessary facilities built.

To make things even tougher, suppose you have to do this all in secret. You’re being pursued by a contingent of spies and assassins who are determined to prevent your ship from being built, so the existence of your modern city must remain unknown to the rest of Europe. Impossible, right?


But¬†what if there was an isolated island near Scandinavia that has historically been covered in ice, but happens to be experiencing an unusual warming period at the time of your arrival? What if this island also happened to have massive geothermal energy reserves? What if it had hundreds of tons of iron lying around in bogs? If such a place existed–we’ll call it “Iceland”–you’d have most of the material resources you’d need to build your spaceship. And if you happened to have access to a band of fierce ocean-going warriors, it would be pretty easy to get the rest of the materials from neighboring lands.

Maybe, just maybe you’d have a chance.

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