New website!

I never seem to be happy with my website. Part of the problem was that until this year I was a web developer, so I always wanted to tweak things to make them a little better. I even wrote my own blogging platform at one point, because I wasn’t happy with any of the available offerings. The end result was that things still didn’t work the way I wanted, and I was wasting a lot of time mucking around in code when I could have been writing or killing gophers.

This year I decided to quit web development and write full-time. There were several reasons for that decision, and not least among them is the fact that I’m sick of mucking around in code. So I dumped my old website and set up this one using WordPress. It’s nothing fancy, but who cares? People can find me, contact me, and read me stuff. That’s all I really need from a website. And hopefully I’ll have more time to keep my blog up-to-date. Stick around and find out!