Outside the U.S.? Want a copy of The Big Sheep?

home-sheepRecently I’ve had several people in faraway lands ask how they can get their hands on a copy of The Big Sheep. Currently foreign rights are under negotiation, so it’s difficult to get the book outside North America. If you’re not in the U.S. and you’d like to get a copy of The Big Sheep, please fill out this form to let my publisher know! The more people who express an interest, the better the odds of getting an edition published in your country.

Thank you for your interest in The Big Sheep!

hardcover“Kroese’s story is intricate, and his pace is refreshingly relentless, but what really carries The Big Sheep is the laughs. Clever, wry, and not above a little groan-inducing wordplay of the very best kind, the book’s humor not only keeps the mood light, it cements Keane and Fowler’s characters. Their dialogue is pistol-whip sharp, and it quickly becomes clear that Kroese is pulling from a third major influence: Arthur Conan Doyle. The dynamic between the mad-genius Keane and the no-nonsense Fowler is pure Holmes-and-Watson, right down to Fowler’s first-person narration…. There’s no doubt that Kroese pays loving homage to his influences, but there’s a spark to The Big Sheep that transcends them. Even when the word “sheep” from the book’s title winds up assuming a multiple meaning that’s a little heavy-handed, Kroese handles it with a wink and plenty of wit, poking America’s obsession with celebrity with a pointed, satirical stick. Dystopian novels these days continue to be pumped out faster than greenhouse gases, but The Big Sheep offers a welcome break: a tale of our miserable tomorrow that’s simultaneously sobering and fun.”


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