Pre-Order Book 2 of The Iron Dragon Trilogy

I’ve already gotten requests from people wanting to pre-order book two of the Iron Dragon trilogy, so I figured I’d go ahead and set up an order page. If you want a signed, advance copy of The Dawn of the Iron Dragon (Iron Dragon Book 2), please click one of the Buy Now buttons below. Estimated length is 330 pages. Estimated delivery date is May 24, 2018.

The Dawn of the Iron Dragon follows the crew of the starship Andrea Luhman as they establish a secret facility in Iceland and then trade, negotiate and pillage their way across Europe, contending with power-hungry kings and devious Cho-ta’an agents, with one goal in mind: to build a ship capable of reaching space.

I will send you a copy of the ebook (in mobi, epub and pdf formats) FREE if you order a signed paperback or hardcover. I am not currently offering the ebook separately, but I will be adding a link to the Amazon pre-order page for the Kindle version when it is live, so check back here in April.

Book One is available from Amazon.

The Saga of the Iron Dragon will conclude with The Voyage of the Iron Dragon in December 2018.

Signed PAPERBACK copy of The Dawn of the Iron Dragon (Book 2)

Signed HARDCOVER copy of The Dawn of the Iron Dragon (Book 2)

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