Introducing the Kroese Starter Library – FREE!

May 18, 2016 Rob 2

For a while now I’ve been playing around with giving away some of my books as a teaser to introduce new readers to my stuff. The problem is that I write so many different sorts of books that no single book is really representative of my style (This is another reason I’m a Bad Novelist: I’m kind of a nightmare from a marketing perspective. Pick a genre, damn it!). The solution to this problem, I’ve decided, is to give away […]

Get City of Sand free!

May 6, 2016 Rob 0

For a limited time, I’m offering my novel City of Sand free in the ebook format of your choice! Simply click here to get your free book! It’s the year 2000 and the Silicon Valley city of Sunnyview is abuzz with the possibilities of vast fortunes to be made in the Dot Com boom. But to retired cop Benjamin Stone, who has come to Sunnyview to find his estranged daughter, Jessica, the promise of Sunnyview rings hollow. Benjamin grew up […]

Wrapping up City of Sand

January 21, 2015 Rob 0

I just finished the manuscript for City of Sand, my mind-bending sci-fi/mystery novel. I’m hoping to get it edited and proofread over the next couple of weeks and get it out to the Kickstarter supporters by Feb. 10. It should be available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats by the end of February. Thank you to everybody who supported City of Sand! And for those who didn’t support it, well, you have to wait two weeks longer, so suck […]