Get Distopia for only $.99!

June 22, 2016 Rob 0

For a very limited time, my lighthearted epic fantasy Distopia is only $.99 on Kindle! A fearsome dragon roams the Land of Dis, and only one man can stop it: an awkward young missionary named Wyngalf. Accompanied by a beautiful stowaway named Evena and an oddball goblin who has been shunned by his clan, Wyngalf wants nothing more than to prove himself to his superiors in the Church of the Noninity. But Wyngalf is continually thwarted in his attempts to […]

Introducing the Kroese Starter Library – FREE!

May 18, 2016 Rob 2

For a while now I’ve been playing around with giving away some of my books as a teaser to introduce new readers to my stuff. The problem is that I write so many different sorts of books that no single book is really representative of my style (This is another reason I’m a Bad Novelist: I’m kind of a nightmare from a marketing perspective. Pick a genre, damn it!). The solution to this problem, I’ve decided, is to give away […]

Get the whole Dis trilogy for $5.97!

April 23, 2016 Rob 0

All three books in the Dis trilogy—Distopia, Disenchanted and Disillusioned–are currently on sale for $1.99 each! Do you have any idea what this means? It means that if you were to buy all three of them, it would cost you a grand total of $5.97, which is LESS THAN SIX DOLLARS. Think about how much money it cost to make Steve Austin the Bionic Man. Then divide that amount by a million. Then subtract three cents. That’s how little money […]

FREE Distopia and an update on my other books in progress

March 8, 2016 Rob 0

First, a quick note to let you know that for a few more hours, you can get my humorous fantasy novel Distopia absolutely free on Kindle. Distopia is chronologically the first of the Dis books, and you can enjoy it whether or not you’ve read the other two. But seriously, it goes back to $3.99 sometime tonight, so go get it! Second, I wanted to give everybody an update on my current works in progress. Sometimes I get so busy […]