Let’s All Freak Out About Amazon’s Pay-Per-Page-Read Scheme!

July 7, 2015 Rob 0

Any time Amazon makes a change to the way it pays authors, people freak the hell out—and not without reason: Amazon currently controls over 60% of the ebook market, so for authors like me who subsist primarily on income from ebooks, Amazon has a lot of control over our lives. The latest freak-out has to do with Amazon’s decision to pay authors by the number of pages read, rather than paying them per download, in some cases. That “in some […]

Is Amazon good for books? and other dumb questions

June 10, 2014 Rob 0

I finally got around to reading George Packer’s article in the New Yorker entitled “Cheap Words: Amazon is good for customers. But is it good for books?” yesterday. Spoiler alert, in case you haven’t read the article: Packer doesn’t answer the question. In fact, he doesn’t even really address the question. Most of the article is taken up with head-shaking reminiscences of Amazon’s ruthless business practices, its treatment of books as “widgets” rather than the lovingly birthed children of the tortured […]