The feds fall for a plastic gun

My latest piece for The Blaze deals with the federal government’s attempts to shut down Defense Distributed, the company offering plans for a printable gun:

This isn’t the first time ITAR has been used to prevent the promulgation of information: until 1997, for example, strong cryptography could not be legally exported from the U.S. The strange thing about the invocation of ITAR in this case is that the information ostensibly being guarded is for relatively low tech weaponry. Other than the fact that the gun in question is made almost entirely of plastic, it’s essentially an artifact of 19th century technology. Anyone with a mechanical engineering background, a credit card, and access to a hardware store could build a comparable firearm. The Liberator, as Wilson has christened the gun, is unreliable, inaccurate, and flimsy compared to a typical modern handgun. It’s as if the federal government suddenly decided to crack down on sites explaining how to make your own musket.

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