Thoughts on Rey after seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens a third time

Spoilers ahead, obviously.
Just saw SW: TFA for the third time, and I’ve been thinking about the character of Rey. There’s definitely some Rey back story we haven’t seen yet. It’s tempting to think she has some force training that’s been repressed, but I think the explanation is more subtle than that. There are a few clues to this:
  1. When Rey picks up Luke’s lightsaber, she has a vision of events, some of which have already happened, but some of which occur in the future.
  2. When Maz says she “sees the same eyes in different people”, it hints at a sort of reincarnation, and shortly after this scene, she says to Rey: “I see it in your eyes.” This seems to imply that Rey has some mystical connection to past and/or future persons. Then Maz says what Rey is looking for is ahead of her not behind her, indicating that her future is more important than her past.
  3. When Rey is being interrogated by Kylo Ren, he says, “At night, desperate to sleep, you imagine an ocean. I see it. I see the island.” This is pretty clearly a reference to Luke’s location. Again, she’s seeing the future.
  4. When she successfully escapes the TIE fighters in the Falcon, Finn asks her “How did you do that?” and she says “I don’t know!” It seems pretty unlikely she’s ever flown the Falcon before, but has an immediate intuitive feel for it. This isn’t repressed force training, and it isn’t past experience. It’s something else.
  5. Rey’s intuition for all things mechanical is obviously meant to parallel Anakin Skywalker, and like Anakin, the first character she interacts with is a droid. But unlike Anakin, she is also personable and has a knack for the “softer” side of the force, e.g. influencing people. I suspect the filmmakers are going to do something with this contrast in the future. Also, given what we know about R2-D2 and C-3PO, what is BB-8’s origin? It there an explanation for Rey’s almost immediate affinity for him?
  6. When Kylo Ren first finds out about Rey, he literally pulls a dude across the room towards him and growls “WHAT GIRL?!!” This is a bit of an overreaction unless KR knows/suspects something about Rey. The scene ends immediately after this question, so we never hear the rest of the exchange.

That’s all I’ve got for now. There’s definitely a lot going on in this movie, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where the filmmakers go with all these threads next.

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  1. Also –
    When everyone returned from Starkiller base…Leia ran up and gave Rey a warm, familiar embrace. They hadn’t yet met in the movie. So is there a history there? Or is Leia aware of something that Rey isn’t?

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