Today is your last chance to get a signed copy of Mercury Shrugs!

I have a very limited number of autographed paperback copies of Mercury Shrugs. To get yours before it’s even available on Amazon, click the Buy Now button below! Get your signed copy of the fifth and final Mercury book for only $12 plus shipping! Today (April 28) is the last day I’ll be accepting orders, so do it now!

MercuryShrugsCover-SmallFour years after the destruction of the planeport, Earth remains cut off from Heaven. The angels and demons are in disarray, lacking direction and leadership. Someone has to step up and take control, and that person is… Mercury?

But when the demoness Tiamat finds out about Mercury’s plan to reestablish contact with heaven, all hell breaks loose. Mercury finds himself at the center of a plot to rewrite Earth’s history, and the only way to stop it is to travel back in time to prevent the plot from coming to fruition. Along the way, he accidentally travels to multiple parallel universes, meeting several alternate versions of himself and tearing a gaping hole in the fabric of reality.

Will the universe survive? Will Mercury be trapped in prehistoric Africa? Will we ever find out who Mercury’s favorite Gilmore Girls character is? Read Mercury Shrugs to find out!

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