Who needs logic when you believe in yourself?

This is from a friend who is in a college-level logic class.


Consider an argument you have recently had with a friend, family member, manager, co-worker, or someone else. Identify the topic of the argument and present that argument in premise-conclusion form, identifying both the premises and conclusion.

Your initial post should be at least 150 words in length. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts by Day 7.

One student’s response:

“Peace, Professor and Class, I would like to reflect on the previous class that I had in which the Professor actually discriminated against me, he actually graded me based on ideology rather than performance. this is wrong, I gave it my all, how is this justice? Yet, I would like to say that we should never let crab like people hold us back from excelling. I was very dissatisfied about how I was graded in comparison to the other students, I mean if I received the graded I did and this is his actual system in how he grades then, no one past the course they could not have, based on my observance of there post, many wrote anything, just to get by. I wrote such an extensive report on the ‘min and Brain’ and for him to grades in the fashion that he did was just unfair. does this stop me from building my goals to become a reality, not at all, i look ta him as a individual that you could relate to Satan. He is someone who opposes me excelling, I know this. My conclusion is that in our finite Life we never allow other to be the sole controllers of our destiny, that is what i would allow him to be, if i permitted him to discourage me from excelling, and maximizing my energies in achieving my goals.”