Saga of the Iron Dragon

The Dawn of the Iron Dragon

A new beginning, 1300 years in the past...\n\nIn medieval Europe, three explorers from the distant future begin an ambitious project: build a craft capable of reaching the stars. While their leader oversees the construction of a secret underground base in Iceland, the other two travel thousands of miles to negotiate with the rulers of Europe and recruit the most brilliant minds of the age. When the Iceland base comes under attack, the travelers try to return to defend their home, but they are trapped in Paris just as an army of 20,000 Vikings lays siege to the city. To survive, they must defend Paris from the hordes of Norsemen and fight their way back to Iceland to save their new home--and keep the dream of the Iron Dragon alive.\n\nTHE DAWN OF THE IRON DRAGON is the second installment in the 5-part Saga of the Iron Dragon.\n\n"Terrific storytelling, letter-perfect alternate-history, and the highest stakes for humanity imaginable combine to make this a thrilling start to an exciting new Viking saga. Kroese avoids both romanticizing and demonizing the Vikings, showing them to us in all their humanity, while spinning a tale that pulls no punches and leaves us gasping for more." - Lars Hedbor on THE DREAM OF THE IRON DRAGON