Saga of the Iron Dragon

The Legacy of the Iron Dragon

The war against the implacable Cho-ta'an carried a desperate group of humans 1300 years into the past, but the fight for humanity's future is just beginning! Mankind's future among the stars now rests on a ragtag band of Vikings who have taken to the stars. The Norsemen's only hope is to ally with the mysterious people called Truscans, who possess the technology to defeat the aliens. But where did the Truscans come from? What do they want? Can they be trusted as allies against the Cho-ta'an?The Legacy of the Iron Dragon continues the story began in the Dragon Award-nominated The Dream of the Iron Dragon in a sweeping saga that carries us from war-ravaged planets in the twenty-third century to first century Judea, where the fate of the Roman Empire is being decided. The Legacy of the Iron Dragon is an epic mashup of military sci-fi, time travel and alternate history.